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About Us

Our Team: A Write Fit was born out of a 12-year professional parent-teacher relationship that evolved into a friendship and now a business partnership.

Debby Hepburn taught English at Clinton High School for 27 years and just retired in June 2014, after a 40-year-career of teaching close to 5,000 students in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ithaca College in English and earned her Master’s Degree in Writing Education from Vermont College of Norwich University.  She is known for her focus on each individual student, cherishing one-on-one conversations while working together to develop each student’s voice.  Her students have not only graduated from noted colleges and universities, but are currently professors at Stanford University, the Air Force Academy, Bates College, Utica College, and SUNY Morrisville.  Given her knowledge of the college admissions process and the results achieved over the decades by her students, Debby feels excited and confident about finding the right fit through A Write Fit shared between the student and herself.  She looks forward to this new challenge because she truly loves and enjoys working with young people, for as she often says, “I know the very best people—and the vast majority of them are 16, 17, and 18-years-old!”  Debby’s awards include a New York State English Council Educator of the Year, three Rotary Educator of the Year, and Excellence in Teaching awards from the University of Chicago, Union College, the College of Wooster, Cornell University, and Amherst College.

Susan Yaworsky graduated SUNY Oneonta with honors and a BS in Elementary Education. She taught elementary school in Maryland and took some master's level coursework at Loyola College before returning to Upstate New York to steer the helm of her family of four children for the past 30 years. Concern for one son after first grade led Susan to craft a curriculum and homeschool him herself. She added the youngest to her classroom for the next four years. Susan successfully shepherded all four children through the application process and on to acceptance at prestigious, nationally ranked colleges and universities complete with many scholarship offers. She has toured over 75 campuses and has many new visits planned, keeping current with new developments. Susan is an inveterate planner, organizational mastermind, and active community leader. Two valedictorians, one Rotary scholar and Peace Corps volunteer, four top-ten graduates, and one NCAA recruit and Ann Cornelisen Fellow later, she is eager to share her trade secrets with you.