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Stressed by the college-search process?  We can guide you through it.

Get To College With Us... and leave the stress behind.


Our Mission

We want you to enjoy the college-search process; that's right, this should be fun! Now is the time when you and your student together engage in a journey of discovery that will set your student on the right path to achieve her or his full potential. It's exciting! With us, you won't sweat the small stuff or miss out. We help keep the peace at home by taking on the stressful components of the process. Our tenacity will help keep your student on track with deadlines.

We save families time and money by targeting good match schools. Our holistic approach emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of student and family. We believe this process is essential to help determine where your student will be most comfortable academically and socially and what the best fit is for your family, geographically and financially.

Just as each student is unique, every school has its own personality. We draw from our database of schools with your student and with your family circumstances in mind. Rather than force a student into a preconceived mold of what a school wants, we help find the school that wants your student. We make personal recommendations based on student interests to complement current activities and to build the best application possible.

Each student's schedule, interests, talents, and activities are unique. These diverse elements interact in ways that can lead to inconvenient conflicts down the line if you don't plan ahead. We help you avoid these problems by crafting a personal calendar with key deadlines and reminders.

To get started, simply contact us at your earliest convenience.